Dave Rietz Music
Dave has years of experience as a performer and wants to pass along knowledge that he has learned from many years of performing with different groups and different genres of music styles to his students.

Due to the current COVID19 pandemic issues, Dave is teaching online using Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

He is offering a free 30 minute consultation to determine what your needs are and also for you to find out if he is someone you would want to learn from.

Dave has 40+ years of experience as a performer. He has taught several mandolin/violin workshops as well as individual students.

He was honored by his peers in 2014 by being inducted into the Western Swing Society Hall of Fame and into 2016 inducted in the Northwest Western Swing Society located in Washington State. He performs with violin/fiddle and mandolin and sings.

He teaches his students how to enjoy music for themselves by preparing them to: learning/improving playing techniques, such as swing style of playing and improving tone quality and also improvisation techniques. It is also important to have the instrument(s) in tune. He gives some insight on how to properly support "back up" singers".

CALL TODAY to get started, whether you are a seasoned player who wants to advance or are just getting started.

30 Minute Free Consultation

call or text 1 916 806 0520 or
email: darietz@gmail.com

Instruments: Violin "Fiddle"; Mandolin;
Keyboard and vocals